Upgrading from Path Finder 6 to Path Finder 7

Follow the steps below in order to successfully upgrade to Path Finder 7:

1. When you start Path Finder 7, the registration window will open. You can also open this window while Path Finder is running using the Path Finder > Registration… from the main menu. This window is shown in the picture below:


Do not enter your PF6: license info in available Name and License key fields. They are intended for new PF7: licenses. If you do so, you will be get Registration Code Invalid error.


2. Instead of using your PF6: registration information, click Purchase and It will bring you to the upgrade step in the same window, like shown in the picture below:


This is where you use your PF6: license name and key.

3. Fill your PF6: registration info in available fields Path Finder 6 Name and Path Finder 6 License and click Apply button. You should see that you are Valid for Upgrade!, like in the picture below.


If your PF6: name/key combination is not valid, instead of Valid for Upgrade! message, you will see The Path Finder 6 license key you entered is not valid. message and you will not be eligible for upgrade price.

4. By clicking Continue you will be brought to our store page where you will have the option to purchase the quantity desired at the upgrade price, like in the picture below:


You may now proceed with the purchase by supplying your desired payment method.