Setting Path Finder as the default file browser

Path Finder allows you to set it as the default file browser. What that means is: when you select Reveal in Finder, or Show in Finder, or Open in Finder functionality for a file (or a folder) in any other application (e.g. Safari, Messages, etc.), that file will be revealed in Path Finder instead of Apple's Finder. If necessary, Path Finder will be automatically launched to reveal the file. You can do this by checking the Set as default file browser checkbox in the General section of Path Finder preferences (see the image below):


When you apply this setting, in general all applications present in the system should use Path Finder as the default file revealer. However, some application may not do so. This happens because developers of those applications didn't use appropriate recommended API when implementing revealing functionality. If you encounter such an application, please address the issue to its developer, as in such case there's nothing we can do to solve it.

If you decide you don't want to use Path Finder as the default file browser any longer, just uncheck the above mentioned checkbox and the default revealer will be set back to Apple's Finder.

If you set Path Finder as the default file browser and you uninstall/remove it from your system, but you forget to uncheck this setting, nothing bad will happen. Apple's Finder will automatically become the default file browser. As soon as you install Path Finder back, it will take over the default browser function back.

This setting is automatically valid for any newly installed application (if it's developed using the recommended API mentioned above). However, if you check Set as the default file browser checkbox while a certain application is running, in most cases you'll have to restart it to make it respect the setting. This is how preferences system in OS X works, we can't do anything about it.

Finally, be warned there is a small glitch if you set Path Finder as the default file browser; the Show in Finder menu item in the Dock WILL NOT work. This is a bug in the Dock and there's no way we can work around it. The bug was reported to Apple a while ago, but it still isn't fixed. We hope Apple will do it soon.