Reveal in Path Finder Toolbar Item

If you ever browsed your files in Apple's Finder and wanted to reveal selected item in Path Finder with just one mouse click, you can do that. All you have to do is to put Reveal in Path Finder helper application into Apple's Finder toolbar. This helper application is buried deep inside Path Finder's application bundle, but we will not reveal the full path here, because you don't need it; there is a simple and elegant way to put it into Finder toolbar.

While Path Finder is running, choose Help > Reveal in Path Finder Toolbar Item menu item from the main menu, like shown in the picture below.


That will open a new floating window, shown in the following picture. The window details all you have to do to complete the operation.


Click the button to the left (showing Path Finder application icon) and it will reveal above mentioned helper application in a new Apple's Finder window, just like in the picture below.


All you have to do is to drag selected helper application named Reveal (it sports the same icon as Path Finder) into Apple's Finder toolbar. In order for Finder to accept this, hold the cmd key pressed while dragging. Apple's Finder toolbar should show this new item, like in the picture below.


From now one, anytime you find yourself in Apple's Finder, click this toolbar item to switch to Path Finder at the same location. For example, the picture below shows and MP3 file selected in Apple's Finder.


Click the Reveal toolbar item and Path Finder will launch (if it isn't running already) and reveal/select the same icon, like shown in the picture below.