iCloud Drive Support

Starting from version 7.0.6, Path Finder supports browsing and manipulating items in iCloud Drive in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, in a very similar way as they are supported in Apple's Finder. There are some differences though and sometimes users need to take a few short steps in the system preferences in order to achieve full iCloud Drive integration in Path Finder. The reason for this is a lack of any official iCloud Preferences API third party applications can rely onto and Path Finder has to read some system configuration files in order to achieve full iCloud Drive integration.

File items in iCloud Drive are accessible in Path Finder via the sidebar item of the same name, as shown in the picture below.


If this sidebar item is not present, you have to use Apple's Finder sidebar preferences to put the item into the Sidebar. Open Apple Finder's preferences panel, click Sidebar in its toolbar and check iCloud Drive checkbox, like in the picture below.


The iCloud Drive item will appear in both Apple Finder's and Path Finder's sidebars. Also note that this item will appear only in Path Finder Standard sidebar, but not in custom sidebars (which you can additionally create). Both issues (adding iCloud Drive item from Path Finder and its availability in all Path Finder's sidebars) will be addressed very soon in one of the future updates.

Due to improper synchronisation while reading system configuration files mentioned above, it can happen that Path Finder shows only files you specifically added into your iCloud Drive, but not application library folders, created by applications which can save documents and data to iCloud (like Pages, Keynote and others). One such situation is shown in the picture below.


This is when you need to do some additional steps in system preferences. Open System Preferences application and choose its iCloud pane, like in the picture below.


Click Options… button in the iCloud Drive row. That will show you the list of all applications installed on your system which can save their documents and data in iCloud. One example of such list is shown in the picture below.


Path Finder should show library folders in iCloud Drive for all applications in the list with the checkbox being checked. If that isn't the case, just uncheck and check back the checkbox of an application. Once you do that, Path Finder should get in sync with the iCloud preferences and the library folder of that application should appear. Repeat this procedure for all library folders you want to see. Once it is done, Path Finder should show library folders for all checked applications, like in the picture below.


Note that if you check all applications in the preferences list above, it may happen Path Finder shows more library folders in iCloud Drive than Apple's Finder, like in the picture below (left is Path Finder, right is Apple's Finder).


It is not publicly known how Apple's Finder decides which library folders to show. Path Finder is designed to show existing library folders for all applications checked in the preferences. If certain checked application still hasn't saved anything in iCloud, its library folder hasn't been created yet and therefore it will not be shown.

iCloud Drive integration in Path Finder is still work in progress and future updates will bring improvements in this area.