How do I completely uninstall Path Finder?

Before removing the Path Finder application, make sure to reset all preferences that tell the system to use Path Finder by default. After that, make sure to relaunch all running applications, logout or reboot so applications can re-read the default settings.

From Path Finder's preferences window, make the follow changes:

Path Finder 6 & 7 preferences:

  • In the Finder tab, disable these options:
    • Hide Finder's desktop
    • Quit Finder when Path Finder launches
    • Enable Finder's "Remove from Dock" menu option
  • In the General tab, disable these options:
    • Launch Path Finder at login
    • Set as the default file browser

Path Finder 5 preferences:

  • In the General tab, disable these options:
    • Launch Path Finder automatically after log in
    • Quit the Finder automatically at launch
    • Hide Finder's desktop
  • In the Reveal tab, disable "Set Path Finder as the default file viewer"

To remove all traces of Path Finder, delete the following files and folders (some of these may not be on your system).

FreeMacSoft's free application AppCleaner is an excellent tool for automating this process. Just make sure to disable the settings listed above before using AppCleaner.

/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/
/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Path Finder/



/Users/<username>/Library/Contextual Menu Items/Path Finder CM.plugin
/Users/<username>/Library/Saved Application State/com.cocoatech.PathFinder.savedState/


[#] Can be a number, eg. 6, 7, etc.