Git & Subversion

Path Finder 6 does not include any Git or Subversion installation, but does include an easy to use interface module for both tools, with convenient buttons for the most common commands. The commands will work on the current directory opened in the browser window. For commands without a button in the module window, the other button can be used, where commands can be entered as they would in a terminal window.

Path Finder will try to find Git and Subversion binaries in the most common places they are installed, but if the binaries cannot be found, they can be located manually. By clicking on the Git/Subversion module header, it will say something like:

Git = "usr/bin/git"... or SVN = "usr/bin/svn"...

If that menu item is selected, the binary can be manually located, and Path Finder will use that binary afterwards.

Finally, if a user wants to use a command not supported by the default Git/Subversion installation, the tools can be manually updated to support those commands using the other button in the module window.