Can I replace OS X's Finder with Path Finder?

Path Finder is not able to completely replace the Finder. Path Finder is unable to duplicate some system functionality that is embedded in the Finder, and removing or disabling the Finder will break these functions. Also, a few applications are hard-wired directly to the Finder and are unable to communicate with any other file browser. These applications can relaunch Finder or even fail to work, if Finder is not running.

That said, Path Finder includes a handful of options to help you become less dependent upon the Finder:

  • Set Path Finder as the default file viewer - If this option is enabled in Path Finder's Reveal preferences, applications that include a “Reveal in Finder” function will use Path Finder instead. This option adds a special key to every application's preferences file requesting that the application recognize Path Finder as its file browser. While this should work in most cases, it is unfortunately only a suggestion and some applications may ignore it.
  • Launch Path Finder automatically after login - If set in Path Finder's General preferences, this will start both Path Finder and the Finder upon user login.
  • Enable Finder's 'Remove from Dock' - Choose this menu item from Path Finder > Finder to allow the Finder icon to be removed from the dock. Once enabled, right-click or control-click on the Finder icon in the Dock and choose “Remove from Dock.” This will allow the Finder to run silently in the background. The Finder will necessarily reappear in the dock every time you restart your computer.