Can I contribute to Path Finder's development?

Sure! Path Finder has an extensive plugin SDK that allows developers to add new functionality to Path Finder.
You can even submit your work so it's available for the community in the third-party plugin repository.

Included in the source code package are four powerful frameworks: CocoatechCore, CocoatechFile, CocoatechProtocols, and CocoatechStrings. These frameworks make up the heart and soul of Path Finder.

Also included are 8 real world Path Finder plugins. These aren't simplified versions: these are the actual full plugins that ship with Path Finder. Available are "Attribute", "Image Size Menu", "iTunes", "Open With", "Permissions", "Size", "SVN", "Terminal", and two sample plugins designed to be a perfect starting point to write your own Path Finder plugin.

In addition, the Path Finder SDK includes the iTerm source code which allows you to put a real working terminal in a plain NSView. It's super simple. Build your own in about 5 minutes.

Path Finder 5 SDK