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Drop Stack



  • Justin

    Images broken above.

  • Raimund Coste

    Drop Stack is a very convenient and cool feature, I use it all the time, below are a few advantages of this tool.

    Drop Stack allows the user to drag files and folders to a special area on the screen where they are temporarily saved. Then you can move the mouse cursor to the desired folder or hard drive and drop files to the desired location. Files will be copied or moved to the selected folder without having to constantly switch between windows and folders.

    The advantages of Drop Stack include:

    Convenience: Drop Stack provides an easy and convenient way to move files without having to switch between windows and folders.

    Efficiency: Drop Stack allows you to quickly move or copy multiple files at the same time.

    Flexibility: Drop Stack can be customized by setting certain parameters and settings.

    Time Saving: Thanks to Drop Stack, the user can  quickly drag and move files without having to open multiple windows and file explorer.

    Thus, Drop Stack provides a convenient and efficient way to move files on your computer, saving time and increasing productivity.


  • Omar Sheikh

    The default function of drop stack should match MAC OS. Meaning that by default it should copy files and then hold option to move them. As it is, it is a dangerous tool that made me move files when I only wanted to copy them. OR have a toggle next to the title indicating the function it will perform when the files are dragged from the stack.


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