Path Finder 10.2 cannot handle Google Drive File Stream

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07 Oct, 2021 09:34 PM

Recently I had to migrate to google drive file stream and the experience with Path Finder is quite bad. Folder content takes seconds to show up sometimes but what is worse that PF gets stuck when deleting or moving/replacing files and freezes the whole system.

  1. 1 Posted by Claire on 10 Oct, 2021 05:36 PM

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    Yep, am having the same issue.

  2. 2 Posted by maximegousse on 14 Dec, 2021 01:19 AM

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    Any resolution? I just can't believe that it still is an issue. This is now mid December!

  3. 3 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 30 Dec, 2021 10:17 PM

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    The issues Google Drive has had with Finder in Monterey are frustrating plenty, including myself. I think between Monterey being new, and Google dragging their feat on fixing the hanging issues, the server disconnect issues, and spotlight not working, and a bunch of other things, I can't really expect cocoatech to be able to make Pathfinder play nice as well in short order. Stinks! Pathfinder is essential for my job workflows. Though still problematic for me, Finder presently works better than Pathfinder working with Google Drive FS. I hope Google gets their act together soon.

  4. Support Staff 4 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 31 Dec, 2021 04:45 PM

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    Hi @everyone,

    Mary from Path Finder support here!

    I am sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. Could you please specify what specifically seems not to be working? 

    Also, I would appreciate if you could you send us a sample (a snapshot) of Path Finder process in a separate file. This will enable us to analyze what happens with the application.

    Here's how to get it:
    1. Open Path Finder and reproduce the problem. If the problem is dynamic (e.g. unexpected action result), please try reproducing it during the sample collection.
    2. Open Activity Monitor from the /Applications/Utilities folder.
    3. Select Path Finder in the process list. To help making a selection, type "Path Finder" in the Filter field.
    4. Click the Sample Process button in the toolbar - this will open a new window entitled "Sample of Path Finder" and a sample of the process is collected.
    5. Click Save and save the sample file.
    6. Close (Command-W) the Sample window opened in step 2.
    7. Send the sample file saved in step 5 to us.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

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  6. ryan_pathfinder re-opened this discussion on 03 Jan, 2022 04:38 PM

  7. 5 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 03 Jan, 2022 04:38 PM

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    Hi Mary, Thanks for your note.

    Attached is a Sample of Path Finder process while a typical hang while working within google drive fs volumes.


  8. 6 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 03 Jan, 2022 04:49 PM

    ryan_pathfinder's Avatar

    Here is another sample taken while working within google drive volumes, while having just created new folder with selection operation, and opened several pdfs with preview.

    Note - finder hangs , preview hangs, path finder hangs ...

    • It is not uncommon to see the o/s popup with a "server disconnected" window indicating google drive isn't connected. But this doesn't happen every time.
    • As it has been indicated in other google support threads, using finder's connect to server operation to connect to smb://localhost:51000 while experiencing a hang, sometimes temporarily "fixes" the issue.
    • some folks participating in google support threads indicated a complete uninstall of google drive and all its hidden components from one's system and reinstalling it resolved all the issues. Others maintain, as I do, that this "fix" doesn't hold for very long, the issues return in short order.
    • I'll also add : (1) that the hanging issue seems to become progressively worse and usually requires a restart of finder, path finder , and/or google drive . (2) issue is common after pdfs are loaded into Preview from either Finder or Path Finder ( to make a distinction that the hanging issue isn't just an issue while files are opened from path finder) , eg The issue with path finder locking up will occur as long as PF is open and presently browsed to a google drive volume folder that is being manipulated outside of PF.
  9. Support Staff 7 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 03 Jan, 2022 07:33 PM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar

    Hi Ryan, 

    Thank you for the sample! 

    I have forwarded your email to our developers. It may take some time to investigate the details of the issue. 

    Be sure to let us know should any additional questions arise. 

    Best Regards, 
    Path Finder Support Team

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  11. ryan_pathfinder re-opened this discussion on 05 Jan, 2022 06:33 PM

  12. 8 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 05 Jan, 2022 06:33 PM

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    Update 2022-01-05 , This problem seems only to be while Path Finder application is open. I've just verified that when I shut down pathfinder completely, and restart google drive... there is no apparent issues with finder or preview. When path finder is open and viewing the google drive volumes the hanging issues I described above are apparent.

  13. 9 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 06 Jan, 2022 02:43 PM

    ryan_pathfinder's Avatar

    Hi Mary,

    I understand these sorts of matters take time to review.

    Has there been any research into this issue yet?
    It would be helpful if I could have it confirmed that there is actually an issue. Again, I understand solutions take time. Thanks for your help! Have a lovely day! -Ryan

  14. 10 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 11 Jan, 2022 05:55 PM

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    Any word yet from the developers on whether or not the problem has been identified?

    In the meantime, I created a new user account on my mac, installing only google drive and path finder. The results are the same.

    If path finder is open and presently browsing anything on the google drive volumes, working with those files in Path Finder, in Finder, or in Preview, etc sees the issues I've described above become worse and worse.

    If I leave Path FInder closed, there are no problems working within google drive.

    Looking forward to hearing back!

    Note the Google Drive Version has incremented over the past few weeks, I'm presently using (Intel) .

  15. 11 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 16 Jan, 2022 07:10 PM

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    update 2022-01-16

    Other unrelated frustrations I've been having with Monterey led me to reformat the boot partition on my macbook, reinstalling Monterey , and building back my system from scratch, essentially migrating nothing... so a truly vanilla environment.

    I Installed path finder and google drive. Although things are amazingly faster with a completely fresh configuration, the issues remain as I've stated earlier in the thread.

  16. 12 Posted by mikebrasch on 17 Jan, 2022 01:02 PM

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    If it helps: I use Mountain Duck to share 2 gDrives (home and work), 1 DropBox and some SSH shares (SFTP).

    I cannot observe these problems.

    Do you have these problems with DropBox or similar?

  17. 13 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 24 Jan, 2022 04:27 PM

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    I do not use or have a dropbox account. I use google drive only because it's required for work.

    The way my job has google drive configured to work with employees at home is using google drives "shared drives" . Considering I was dealing with a completely fresh/new/vanilla configuration after reinstalling, and considering I'm not hearing masses of other people complaining, I'm thinking the issue has to be something unique or least not as common to most users. If it is the shared drives feature , and no one else uses that feature, I realize I'm probably sol as far as getting pathfinder to work with it, since it's all unusable for me now. My productivity and ability to do my job has been severely impacted. Probably a good lesson here is not to depend on a single piece of software since when things like this crop up. Pathfinder is a unique product, used it for over 10 years, I'm truly disappointed as I need to work with lots of folders and files simultaneously within the google drive shared drives. Finder is so clunky, has so few ways to accomplish what pathfinder does.

    I just installed dropbox, and there appears to be no similar problems with that.

    I've never heard of Mountain Duck, is that a third party thing where you need to give up your google credentials? My job definitely wouldn't authorize that.

    Thanks for your input! Crickets on this!

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  19. Path Finder Support Team re-opened this discussion on 25 Jan, 2022 01:24 PM

  20. Support Staff 14 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 28 Jan, 2022 02:26 PM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar


    Unfortunately, there are no news on this matter available yet. Our developer is looped into this ticket and there is information available to share, he will do so and inform you via this discussion thread and email.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

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  23. 15 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 28 Jan, 2022 04:24 PM

    ryan_pathfinder's Avatar

    Thank you for the update, it is much appreciated.

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  25. Path Finder Support Team re-opened this discussion on 31 Jan, 2022 03:01 PM

  26. 16 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 15 Feb, 2022 07:30 AM

    ryan_pathfinder's Avatar

    hello, the subject of this thread is in regards to PF10.

    I am now presently using the trial of build 2121 .

    Unfortunately the problems with google drive I have documented on this thread in regards to PF10 appears to remain in PF11.

    I'm using Google Drive using a Google account that is utilizing Google Drive's shared drives, when I attempt to open several pdfs , duplicate files, create new folders, change file names, etc I continue to get varying occurrences of sluggishness, temporary lockups (simple file operations can take several minutes to complete and PF won't function without constant spinning wheel until said simple file operations are complete), preview continues to have problems opening pdfs when launched from PF,, and other apparently unrelated applications apparently having issues running smoothly as well while PF 'struggles' to complete operations or when preview is having problems with files opened from PF.

    And just like before, When I dont have PF open, and am only using finder, there are absolutely no issues with Google Drive. (Besides Finder being absolutely inadequate )

    And also just like before PF works fine provided google drive application isn't open.

    I imagine this thread will get closed. I'll keep an eye on this thread, but I haven't really heard back anything since I posted in December other than an update to say the developers have been looped into this thread.

    I would like like to know if there is actually any intention to address this. "No" is an acceptable answer. Having hope that this issue will be addressed is based on being told that the developers are working on this. I understand if I'm the only person who has reported this, it is unlikely I will be helped. Please let me know.

    I'd be happy to try the new subscription model if I could only use it with google drive without the issues I'm experiencing. But until then, I'm very hesitant to spend money on a new subscription to something I can't even know will work like it used to...

    I do appreciate all the effort, and as I've typed several times in this thread, I love the product and I considered it essential for my job, which has been severely impacted.

  27. 17 Posted by Stephane on 08 Mar, 2022 08:02 PM

    Stephane's Avatar


    New? Do you plan to fix the problem in a future update?

    Thanks in advance for your support,

  28. 18 Posted by KL on 31 Mar, 2022 06:52 PM

    KL's Avatar

    Hi, I just wanted to check if there has been any progress? Google Drive (in Path Finder) has been half-broken for over half a year. I am always running the latest version of Path Finder, and Google Drive (currently Version: (Apple Silicon)), as well as the latest version of MacOS (on MBP16 late 2021).

    I am tempted to either try Mountain Dock as a work around, or to switch to Forklift/Commander One/default Finder. The problems and bad integration of Google Drive and OneDrive are really making it difficult to work with Path Finder.

    In addition, there are constant "localhost" disconnect errors. Favorites in Sidebar disappearing at random. Saved default Browser settings changing from time to time seemingly at random. Slow transfer speeds when moving files. It is all a huge mess.

  29. 19 Posted by ryan_pathfinder on 31 Mar, 2022 09:02 PM

    ryan_pathfinder's Avatar

    I've already switched away from Path Finder. I don't enjoy being lied to when I've been more than patient. --- Patient only to receive accurate feedback/information that is... to say nothing of fixing the issue. If this company can't even confirm an issue or a bug, only chimes in to ask for a process sample or referring to new information that could be ambiguously forthcoming, I see no reason to involve myself with them any further. I will concede that initially I was told that a resolution may take "some time" . That said, that should have been the only red flag I needed to move on. Again, my love for the product, the years I've spent paying the product is what kept me on the hook for as long as this. Needless to say, I've liquidated that trust and brand loyalty value over the past several months by continuing to hold.

    I'm of the opinion that a lack of communicating honest and informative answers to support questions while asking your customers to be indefinitely patient without any context literally shows how much a company values the loyalty of its customers. I would add that even if the response I received was something like " We do not have the staff to promptly tackle support issues at present, we thank you for your patience, please give us another shot after we get back on our feet" certainly wouldn't have been the answer I'd hoped, but it just as certainly wouldn't have left me feeling just a bit duped and humiliated. In short, however forgivable the situation might be behind the scenes, they've lost this customer by remaining effectively silent.

    I would advise anyone watching this thread to not spend one more moment waiting for a support team that either is unwilling or unable to demonstrate service or demonstrate integrity. I am grateful this product was to my liking and served me well for so many years personally and for job, including prompt and professional support, and facilitated customers helping each other as well. Good memories. That's all folks.

  30. Support Staff 20 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 01 Apr, 2022 12:15 PM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar


    I am sorry to hear that, and I surely understand your frustration. Somehow our system filtered and closed emails linked to this discussion thread as you have replied. We're investigating this behavior currently and will be taking measures to prevent this from happening in the future.

    As per my last message, the developer is looped on this email thread, and he'll request information and/or add his response here once more information is available.

    While we are sad to see you go, we do respect your decision to move on. We’ll be happy to see you back if you decide to change your mind.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

  31. Path Finder Support Team closed this discussion on 01 Apr, 2022 12:15 PM.

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