How to run PathFinder on Catalina [FIXED]

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27 Jun, 2019 10:19 AM

Downgrade to version 8.2.4
It works like a charm on Catalina Beta 2!!

PS: ONLY FOR DARK MODE: If you are using dark mode you will need to customize 6 colours under:
Show View Options -> Colours to let the path bar and background dark.
Preferences ->Appearance -> Colour (check "Draw Controls for Dark Backgound")

If any module is showing white background after those color changes, goto module property and select "show translucent background" to fix the module colours.

If you are not using dark mode: no need to modify those colors. Just downgrade and enjoy.

Every feature and function of PathFinder 8.2.4 is working perfectly under Catalina (at least the features I already tested on the last 30 minutes since downgrading. And I'm still testing all other features...)

PathFinder v8.2.4 application is VERY stable under Catalina, low memory consumption, no memory leaks yet and Faster than recent versions (faster than 8.3 and above). [Since version 8.3 and above: none works under Catalina)

v 8.2.4 is working very well!

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  1. Support Staff 31 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 13 Jul, 2019 01:30 PM

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    Path Finder offers many more advanced features, compared to Commander One, and was around for much much longer. Unfortunately, Path Finder's multitude of features and longevity also increases the chance to have an incompatibility with a future version of macOS. As we update all of Path Finder's code, this situation will improve.


    Could you please send us a message separately regarding the captcha issues you are experiencing? It is an anti-spam measure of our support system, if you would provide any further details I will look into what can be improved.


    We don't offer plugin SDK/API in Path Finder 8 due to low interest in it over the years. We spent a lot of effort on maintaining the APIs and documentation necessary, but only a few plugins were ever written and fewer were used.
    As we finally update all (or most of) Path Finder code to a higher standard, we will revisit the idea of the SDK and it's scope.

    To address your other concern, we do have a dedicated developer working exclusively on Path Finder, and the development is very much active.

    To everyone,

    I'm sorry if you feel there is a lack of updates and communication from our side. Our developers are hard at work on Path Finder, and Path Finder 8 will support macOS Catalina. I will be sure to update you once there are any news that can be shared publicly.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

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  4. 32 Posted by fogcitynative on 14 Jul, 2019 01:16 AM

    fogcitynative's Avatar

    Jordan . . .

    As you update the code, can you at least make the current code not CRASH ON LAUNCH in Catalina?

    We're not talking about a minor impact to some function here. The program is unusable.

    I have downloaded ForkLift and I am evaluating if I want to license it and switch away from Path Finder permanently. Fork Lift works flawlessly with Catalina.

    I am not willing to wait months for you to simply make the program launch.

    You've had the developer beta for months and apparently CRASH ON LAUNCH caught you totally by surprise as if you never actually opened your own program under Catalina. Not once in months of opportunity.

    Wasn't your management the least bit curious what problems Catalina created for existing users??

  5. 33 Posted by dflachbart on 14 Jul, 2019 02:34 AM

    dflachbart's Avatar

    Could you please send us a message separately regarding the captcha issues you are experiencing? It is an anti-spam measure of our support system, if you would provide any further details I will look into what can be improved.

    I'll chime in here as I commented on this before too - it's quite simple, even if we are logged into the forum we still have to go through this captcha torture, there's absolutely no reason for that. Also, as the daily spam messages in the forums show, it doesn't really help against spammers, so there's really no reason to allow posting for non-authenticated users in the first place. Any other support forum I know does the same.

  6. 34 Posted by yufasa on 14 Jul, 2019 11:24 AM

    yufasa's Avatar

    Exactly, just turn off access for non registered users and then there is no need for Captcha.

    Right now I have to go through the torture, yes it is torture as those pictures can be very difficult to identify (bus is in two blocks, do I choose one or both?) Bah!

    On top of that, if I decide to make a change to my post after I verified I am not a robot but before I post it, I have to go through it again even though I just verified myself.

    Oh, those pictures can take 5 seconds to update so you think you are done and bam, no you fail because the system is actually still deciding what stupid picture it is going to show next...

    Just get rid of it already. Bad enough that you upset your users by not testing your software now you compound the problem!

  7. Support Staff 35 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 14 Jul, 2019 12:01 PM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar


    We are aware of Path Finder crashes under macOS Catalina beta. Please, note that the OS is still in beta and it's not a final release. Once we will have a Path Finder beta for Catalina public, we will let you know.

    As for Captcha, it should only affect new users. I'm lookin into this, sorry for the inconvenience.
    You should be also able to reply to conversations via email.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

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  10. 36 Posted by yufasa on 14 Jul, 2019 12:35 PM

    yufasa's Avatar

    Trying the reply by email:

    Thank you for looking into the Captcha issue.

    I understand that Catalina is in beta and I am sure we would be more patient but track record shows development to be very slow and my feeling is that we will be lucky to see an update by the time Catalina goes public. Please prove me wrong:)

    Sent from my iPad

  11. 37 Posted by desperex on 17 Jul, 2019 06:28 AM

    desperex's Avatar

    File/folder operations are disabled/grayed out (create folder, move to, delete in PF 8.2.4 on latest developer beta 4 (build 19A512f), even will Full Disk access permission granted.
    Please post a workaround if you find it.

  12. 38 Posted by fogcitynative on 17 Jul, 2019 07:47 AM

    fogcitynative's Avatar

    There is a permissions problem in the latest Catalina build.

    Only system has read-write permissions

    admin is defaulted to read only. Admin has lower permissions than system and therefore cannot give itself read-write permissions.

    How to log in as system? Or how to use terminal to force change to admin permissions to read-write

  13. 39 Posted by fogcitynative on 17 Jul, 2019 08:02 AM

    fogcitynative's Avatar

    VERY disappointed in Cocoatech.

    It is apparent that Cocoatech never even LOOKED at the Developer Beta for Catalina. Choosing instead to simply wait and wait and wait until Apple's development was further along, to EVEN START to look at their application under Catalina.

    I think it is grossly irresponsible and a disservice to your 100,000 users to simply ignore every Catalina Developer Beta and choosing to delay Path Finder development for some unexplained reason.

    If you did not have your heads up your a**, you would have discovered months ago that your app crashes on launch under Catalina and would have fixed just that one thing before Catalina was released as a public beta.

    Just so your users could use the program while testing Catalina.

    You are now MONTHS BEHIND developing a Cataline compatible product not to mention creating some pretty damn unhappy users by your bad choice of possible actions.

    Yes, we know that it is possible that Apple makes you waste time developing for code that never makes it to the final product. But Apple is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room and you are the 10 lb. Monkey.

    So Apple makes the rules and you live with them.

  14. 40 Posted by rcprador on 17 Jul, 2019 08:41 AM

    rcprador's Avatar

    Hi, here is the SOLUTION:

    This happens because Pathfinder "thinks" that the root disk is Read Only, so it does not enable functions like "Delete", "Move", "Create Folders", among other that need to write to the disk.

    This is because Catalina has a read only partition (for system files), but it has a second read/write "data partition" that is "Jointed Over" the read-only partition, so for the user, it seems there is just one unique disk partition. (Apple did this very similar to how OverlayFS Filesystem works on Linux)

    But Pathfinder is reading the disk partition attribute as Read Only, so it disables a lot of functions.
    But the truth is that the partition is NOT read only! It is writable, because of the Joint filesystem scheme!

    PathFinder does not know how to read the Joint Filesystem attribute, so it reads the first partition attibute and think the disk is completely read-only.

    The solution is to help Pathfinder read the disk partition atribute as Writable.
    This way pathfinder will enable those disabled functions.

    To do this we need to execute a simple mount command:
    On terminal, execute:
    sudo mount -uw /

    The command is inoffensive, it will just mark the partition attribute that PathFinder need to check for, as writable. Technically this is the mount attribute. (This is safe, because the protected readonly partition will remain protected, as it always is) and this will tell that the partition is writable (as it already was, as we all know, because this is the writable overlay partition above the read-only one)

    Execute that comand, quit pathfinder and open it again.

    It will now let you copy, delete, move, and do all operations perfectly.

    PS: After a reboot, you will have to execute that terminal command again, to change the mount flag as writable, because after every reboot, the mount attribute is shown as read-only.

    The technical solution for Pathfinder developers to fix this is to find another way to verify if a partition is readonly or not. Another way that is not based/dependent just on the given mount attribute information.

    Until there, we can change this mount attribute to make PathFinder work again by reading the attribute the way we want and need it to read that attribute: as writable.

  15. 41 Posted by rcprador on 17 Jul, 2019 09:15 AM

    rcprador's Avatar

    It is also valid to inform you all that this approach solved another PathFinder bug!
    This solves the "refresh" bug!!

    After doing that, the file listing is being updated on realtime!! On every tab and on dual pane!
    No need to press Refresh manually anymore after doing file operations.

    One approach, 2 bugs solved!

  16. 42 Posted by rcprador on 17 Jul, 2019 08:59 PM

    rcprador's Avatar

    I made it work: Latest Pathfinder 8.5.4 on MacOS Catalina Beta 4.

    read below:

    ... after spending the last 7 hours debugging the LATEST PathFinder 8.5.4 application in pure assembly language, I found the cause of every Bug on it. Bugs that affect Mojave and Catalina, including the cause of the recent polemic crash bug of the class:

    -[NTFileServerList_thread worker_result:] exception (main_queue): The window has been marked as needing another Display Window pass, but it has already had more Display Window passes than there are views in the window.

    The Bug is caused mainly because of the method +[PFUtilities runningOnMojave] but not only by this method. This method was introduced after version PF 8.3.0 as an attempt to make PathFinder work with the dark Mojave theme.

    From that point on ahead to the next versions, things began to change only on the interface. new methods, new functions, new ways to change backgrounds of windows, (why mess with the backgrounds?) and this started to extend to other classes and frameworks, like a cancer, that initial method started to contaminate PathFinderCoreData.framework, CocoaTechFileServer.framework, and mainly PathFinderPlugins.framework (poor PathFinderPlugins.framework, I feel sorry for what was done to you)

    To make things short: On the latest version, the consequence of the bugged code is a kind of race condition. (For those who are not programmers, a race condition is an undesirable situation that occurs when a device or system attempts to perform two or more operations at the same time, but because of the nature of the device or system, the operations must be done in the proper sequence to be done correctly)

    In practice, we have a lot of "things" fighting to take control of the drawing of the window, some of them are: -[NTBrowserStatusBar worker_result:] , -[NTFileServerList_thread worker_result:], -[NTFileSystemEventCenterClient notifyOnMainThread] , -[NTTrashScannerThread worker_result:], setFrameSize, sendFrameDidChange and the PathFinder binary itself!

    They are all fighting at the same time, to take control of the drawing process of the window. Of course, they get stucked, and the application freezes and crash!
    But there is something worse than that: for every module that you have dragged and present on your layout, those attempts to take control multiplies by each added module (those modules are all parts of the damaged PathFinderPlugins.framework).

    This explains very well why it is very difficult for the support team to track all the users problems, because every user has a different module configuration, and a different MacOS configuration such as "reduced transparency" or other screen modificatory feature enabled or not. All of this affects the kind of reaction that the bugged functions will have. Including those cases os transparent pathfinder window, or those 100% black windows, or always on top, that many users asked for help here on the lasr 6 months.

    All problems are connected somehow, either by malformed attempts to code the drawing functions of PathFinder for the dark Mojave mode, or by derivative work on new functions based on those previous. This caused the cancer effect.

    There is also other less frequent bugs, like calls to -layoutSubtreeIfNeeded on a view which is already being laid out... etc.. etc..

    This is why regression to version 8.2.4 works, because this is a healthy version, coded before any function for "dark mode" exists yet.

    You may asking now about the latest 8.5.4 version: its has all those bugs.

    But after finding the causes and the first introduced bug, the origin [that started everything], I was not happy yet, so I began to think on how I could solve the problem without having the source code of Path Finder so I could be able to fix the methods/functions and recompile it (and without patching the compiled binaries, which would be easy, but not fair, and also could be illegal)

    And I found a way to make it NOT use those bugged functions/methods/classes that fights between each other trying to draw the interface at the same time.

    The result: Path Finder 8.5.4 (latest) just worked like a charm on Catalina Beta 4 !

    There is no "fight", no race anymore. And PathFinder application just works perfectly.

    Here is a picture of it: (and a video below it)
    . Image Name: inline image.

    . . A VIDEO is a real proof of concept, so I recorded my screen and sent the video to a hidden (not public) youtube link on my youtube profile, to be shared here on this topic forum.


    There is light on the end of the Tunnel! Lol

    But now I really need to sleep.
    I will post more details on the solution later here after I wake, in some easy way, not too technical nor complicated to be done by you on your installation.

    I have to dream about how to write it here Lol..

    Very soon you will be using PathFinder 8.5.4 on Catalina, free of bugs.

    Rafael Prado

    All information written is to make PathFinder better, robust and solid as rock. And it may speed up the next Cocoatech product version, with the bugs fixed on the source. That is my contribution.

  17. 43 Posted by riaangrobler on 18 Jul, 2019 03:21 PM

    riaangrobler's Avatar


    Well done! , Please let us know how. :)

    I cannot understand why all the problems cannot be resolved by Cocoatech...
    It's mind boggling.

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  20. 44 Posted by seymourp on 21 Jul, 2019 10:47 AM

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    Well that was a tantalising post :)

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