Is PathFinder dead?

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04 Sep, 2017 06:32 PM

I'm starting to think PathFinder is dead and there's no further development. We've been stalled here for weeks and month now, and despite the upcoming official release of High Sierra, we're still not getting a beta or any reliable statement.

If that's the case, it's time to make a statement, then I can finally start looking for another Finder replacement with a clear conscience.

  1. 1 Posted by Bob on 05 Sep, 2017 08:06 AM

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    Why don't you have a clear conscience?
    You shouldn't feel guilty about looking for a replacement - it's okay, really it is!

    I'm not aware of anyone having gone to confessional and saying "forgive me Father for I have sinned. I've been searching for a new Finder replacement for my computer."

    I may be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure no penance is required (but I'm an atheist, so whaddo I know?).

    Cocoatech should be the ones who feel guilty, for accepting money in return for shoddy software. A few Hail Marys won't absolve them, either.

  2. 2 Posted by christian.schwa... on 05 Sep, 2017 10:23 AM

    christian.schwabe's Avatar

    Maybe the translation tool wasn't exactly accurate, I wasn't meaning a religious feeling: -)

    I just don't want to invest money for another tool and later find out that PathFinder offers HS support.

    I like PF and would like to continue working with it

  3. 3 Posted by dtoub on 05 Sep, 2017 10:36 AM

    dtoub's Avatar

    As another atheist, I have the same concerns but don't need absolution to find another Finder alternative. Sad thing is that I have yet to find one that can reasonably substitute for PF. And I've tested them all AFAIK, including Forklift.

    I was struck by the reference to "our developer" in the boilerplate response about a HS-compatible beta. Isn't Cocoatech the developer? Isn't there a dev team? It almost sounds like development is outsourced. That concerns me.

    And the lack of a beta for HS compatibility says a lot; while I understand the reluctance to develop around early OS betas since things can, and do, change, at this point HS (like iOS 11) is subject to fairly minor bug fixes etc. And release is 7 days away. At what point will Cocoatech come forth with something?

    I'd rather they just say "Look, we are very delayed in getting out a HS-compatible update to PF. There are some major challenges that will require more time, but we anticipate getting a beta out within x weeks of 9/12." That at least tells me that it isn't coming out imminently, but that there are adults in charge and in due time all will be fine. TBH, there is little in HS (if anything) that merits dumping PF right now, at least for me. I can easily hold on in Sierra. But I wouldn't if a PF update is not in the cards. And Cocoatech needs to get out there and reassure all of us that we're not waiting for Godot.

  4. 4 Posted by Bob on 05 Sep, 2017 10:37 AM

    Bob's Avatar

    Christian (perfect name for a discussion about blasphemy), I was just injecting a little levity into the convo.

    Version 7.0 was released on 9/2/2014.
    So it's now been OVER THREE YEARS since a major version was released. And they still haven't fixed all the bugs in v7 yet!

    FYI, Commander One appears to be the next most-capable replacement available.

  5. 5 Posted by dtoub on 05 Sep, 2017 10:42 AM

    dtoub's Avatar

    Yeah, I looked at C1 but will give it another look. Was not taken with Forklift, unfortunately. Thanks.

  6. 6 Posted by dtoub on 05 Sep, 2017 10:47 AM

    dtoub's Avatar

    Odd that only PF seems to be the one Finder replacement that actually has a decent sidebar that syncs with the Finder's. C1 doesn't have a sidebar nor can dual-pane view be turned off, and its UX is pretty crappy. No drop stack, no preview pane, no (fill in the blank).

    Herein lies my conundrum; I like PF warts and all (and there are certainly some warts), but am concerned that it isn't being nurtured and updated in a regular fashion.

  7. 7 Posted by Bob on 05 Sep, 2017 10:50 AM

    Bob's Avatar

    IMO anyone who updates their OS before v.3 is released is just asking for trouble.

    There's really no need to be an early adopter of Mac OS's.
    There's nothing you can't live without for a few months while they kill the first few major bugs.

    IMO delaying is better than installing immediately and living with the daily frustration and wasted time of cussing and fighting the anomolies that inevitably occur.

  8. 8 Posted by dtoub on 05 Sep, 2017 10:55 AM

    dtoub's Avatar

    Well, each to his or her own. I've been on iOS 11 since the second developer seed and it's been largely worthwhile. HS doesn't have much that is new that I need (about the only thing would be Safari's enhanced capability to silence videos that autoplay; everything else is kinda "meh" to me). But many people can, will and should update to HS next week if not this week (or are already on it, as I would have been were it not for a certain Finder replacement I'm fond of).

  9. 9 Posted by Bob on 05 Sep, 2017 11:11 AM

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    Sadly it's true: there really is no direct competition for Path Finder.
    And maybe that's what's behind their lackadaisical development, at least partially - they know their users have no better options.

    Most other categories of software have multiple developers with capable and competing applications.

    Or maybe .since there's been no major release in 3+ years they're running a skeleton crew due to little money coming in.
    And they don't have the necessary resources to get it ready for HS, even though a new release means new money.

    I somewhat agree with dtoub in that the company SHOULD say SOMETHING.

    On the other hand, I hate when companies or politicians just release some BS statement they think will placate their public, no matter how ludicrous it may be.

    But if the company has any sort of honest and useful insight to offer, then offer it!
    And if they don't then I'm left wondering why the hell not?!

    As the developers, Cocoatech should have a handle on a realistic timeline for the next release.


    Maybe try coffeetech or RedBullTech. Just sayin'

  10. 10 Posted by maple.lander on 05 Sep, 2017 12:07 PM

    maple.lander's Avatar

    Most likely that Apple has done a lot of things with each successive iteration of macOS that unintentionally or intentionally made Path Finder more and more complicated to program while still offering full features. Finder integration is easier said than done.

    I'm not make excuses for Path Finder's lack of major development for the past three years and its incompatibility with High Sierra is one of the reasons holding me back from upgrading, but that being said, the onus should be on Apple to make its Finder more useable. If I can get a cut&paste, that'd eliminate 50% of my need for Path Finder (so far we only have copy&paste). And better favourite functionality, another 25%. There, with those two, I can probably live without Path Finder.

    Finder really hasn't evolved for a long frigging time. I'm greatly disappointed that Apple hasn't done more with it in High Sierra.

  11. 11 Posted by Bob on 05 Sep, 2017 01:10 PM

    Bob's Avatar

    Finder is the most basic function of the OS, yet Apple treats it like its unwanted stepchild.

    And the Mac Mini is the unwanted stepchild of the entire computer lineup, receiving even less attention than the stupid watch.

    Sure, Apple undeniably has the resources to make Finder even better than PF, so why has it remained such a pathetic, inadequate yet indispensible part of the OS?

    If a third-party developer had created Finder and was trying to sell it, it would rank near the bottom of the available Finders.

    I've said for a long time that Crapple should buy Path Finder, give it an overhaul, then use it to replace Finder in the OS.

    But alas, Apple's mojo and creativity seems to have been buried with Steve.

  12. 12 Posted by christian.schwa... on 05 Sep, 2017 01:13 PM

    christian.schwabe's Avatar

    I fear that the topic will simply be closed with the same lapidary statement again.

    In the meantime I checked google for other finder replacements and I think they all suck :-/

  13. 13 Posted by dtoub on 05 Sep, 2017 07:20 PM

    dtoub's Avatar

    Yes they do all suck. I even looked at Total Commander-nice if you want to return to a 90's GUI.

    Cocoatech needs to get its messaging straight. Just looking at 2-3 threads, they said either that a PF-compatible release would be available coincident with HS (which is next Tuesday), but are telling potential beta testers that a beta will soon be available. Which is it?

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  16. Support Staff 14 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 06 Sep, 2017 06:09 AM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar


    Thank you all for sharing your opinions on our product. The app is still under development, as soon as we hear from the developer, we'll post an update right here in this thread. If I had more information for you, I would have let you know right away.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

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  19. 15 Posted by Bob on 06 Sep, 2017 11:37 PM

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    We all paid cocoatech for our app.
    If it's not cocoatech, have a right to know!
    We also have a right to know if it is.

    So how about some GD clarification here?!

    This was already brought up in post #3, yet you failed to address it.

  20. Support Staff 16 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 07 Sep, 2017 11:18 AM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar

    Hi all,

    We had a session with our devs and we have some updates.

    1. The information about the developer can be found in the About section of the app, we're talking about the person, not the company. The Path Finder is being developed and supported by the Cocoatech team.
    2. There will be an update to PF7 which will address current HS issues. The plan is to release it just before HS, usually when Apple publicly announces the so-called master beta release. That’s how we’ve done it before
    3. Regarding Path Finder 8, the current estimation is: the beta test should start end of mid-November. The official release of PF8 most probably mid to end April next year. We can’t speed up PF8 development to the pace bigger than the current one. We need to implement a few more missing and have-to-have things/modules in the PF8 before it’s ready for beta testing. The current beta lacks a lot of things that currently work in Path Finder 7 so we decided not to share it with public
    4. Regarding crashes on Sierra, we'll try to address this in the next update of Path Finder 7

    Please feel free to write us back and we will be happy to assist you.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

  21. Path Finder Support Team closed this discussion on 07 Sep, 2017 11:19 AM.

  22. Path Finder Support Team re-opened this discussion on 07 Sep, 2017 11:20 AM

  23. 17 Posted by dtoub on 07 Sep, 2017 01:26 PM

    dtoub's Avatar

    Thanks Eugene. That is exactly the information I think most of us desired. It makes sense. I assume the beta list to which I and others were added is in relation to PF 8 then, which is great. I’d appreciate it if I am definitely on your beta tester list. Thanks. Looking forward to the HS compatibility update.

  24. 18 Posted by Bob on 07 Sep, 2017 05:12 PM

    Bob's Avatar

    Thanks Eugene, was that so f'ing hard???

    Now, please clarify your clarification.

    You said "developer," singular.

    Is there one developer or more than one developer?
    Because previously in this forum cocoatech has said developerS - plural.

    Is this developer actually employed within the confines of the cocoatech office?
    Or are they outsourced, and if so are they offshore?

    And if they're offshore, that means you can pay at least 5 developers for what one US developer would cost you, so what's the hold-up on v8?

    Nearly 4 years for a version change?!

    Go hire some of the young developers in the app store to get your old, buggy app working!

  25. Path Finder Support Team closed this discussion on 07 Sep, 2017 06:44 PM.

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  27. Support Staff 19 Posted by Path Finder Sup... on 07 Sep, 2017 07:25 PM

    Path Finder Support Team's Avatar

    Hello Bob,

    We'd appreciate some respect, people work here, too.

    All the information about us can be found in Path Finder > About. We're in touch with the CTO - Dragan Milic, he is not the only developer, there's a team. I can't really tell you much about their workflow but sometimes it can be difficult to reach the developer.

    If you have any question regarding the app, please let us know.

    Best Regards,
    Path Finder Support Team

  28. 20 Posted by dcw94965 on 07 Sep, 2017 09:41 PM

    dcw94965's Avatar

    As my father used to say..."Now I know as much as I did before."

    So the bugs with PF 7 are or are not being addressed? And while that either is or isn't happening, at the same time PF 8 is being prepped for roll out? Will 8 have the same bugs as 7, or will the bugs be "new and improved?"

    I don't think anyone is "disrespecting" the cocoatech team as much as just trying to figure out what to do about a product that hasn't seen much progress in quite sometime. If it's being mothballed then maybe folks would rather move on than wait to see what happens next. I get that, for you, PF is a job and a commitment. For your customer, though, it's a tool for us to use in OUR jobs. And when the tool stops working we will look for a different tool.

  29. 21 Posted by Bob on 08 Sep, 2017 09:54 AM

    Bob's Avatar

    If cocoatech had any respect for their CUSTOMERS, the very customers keeping them employed, they'd have already provided an honest, accurate and comprehensive explanation without having to be literally BEGGED for it.

    Bugs like the permissions problem have existed for quite some time.
    It appears that Dragan is swamped, so I won't hold my breath for a solution even though I was told two weeks ago that "The ticket has been assigned to Dragan, the Path Finder developer."

    And the damned delay to show Applications has existed even longer.
    To which cocoatech told me three weeks ago: "The code dealing with this will be rewritten in the PF 8, we expect this issue to be fixed in the next major update."

    You expect it to be fixed in v8?
    I expected it to be fixed long ago!

    Looking forward to v8 - sound like ALL the bugs will be gone and it'll be smooth sailing from hereonout.
    After all, you'll have had almost four years to work on it and test it to make sure it's flawless, right? Right?

  30. 22 Posted by Robert on 11 Sep, 2017 10:45 PM

    Robert's Avatar

    Given the replies here, I'm definitely moving on to another vendor or will just stick with what's built in. I can no longer continue to support Cocoatech.

  31. 23 Posted by Eddy on 11 Sep, 2017 11:26 PM

    Eddy's Avatar

    We hope a soon update!!

  32. 24 Posted by feek on 12 Sep, 2017 04:22 PM

    feek's Avatar

    I'am also a bit worried about the future of PF. I use PS since PF4.... but to be honest, I'am looking for / testing an alternative.

    There are still PF 7.0.0 bugs open. See.

    == feek

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  35. 25 Posted by Ricky Maveety on 13 Jan, 2018 10:28 PM

    Ricky Maveety's Avatar

    So, I’ve been without PF for something like 6 months. I do remember paying for it, so this sucks. And now ... nothing for another 4 months at least? That really sucks.

  36. 26 Posted by ameram1 on 14 Jan, 2018 11:27 AM

    ameram1's Avatar

    I've been using PF as my main interface with the machine since 2008, my first MacBook and I thought it was God's gift. After that damned Windows doggie it revolutionised my life. I've watched the bits fall off ever since, year by year she shrinks. Now I'm onto HS and more bits have fallen off. Any time now it will be back to Windows - maybe 10 is good? Apple should realise how many people only see their OS through a PF porthole - and if PF falls apart their user base may well look elsewhere. Give Dracon a hand Apple - he's your best mate.

  37. 27 Posted by dannie.van.sete... on 14 Jan, 2018 11:57 AM

    dannie.van.seters's Avatar

    Path Finder version 7.6.2/1729 works perfectly with High Sierra, or what am I missing?

  38. 28 Posted by ameram1 on 14 Jan, 2018 12:27 PM

    ameram1's Avatar

    I'm on HS with 7.6.2/1729 and I have the following main issues (well, today anyway) - 1) the "Search For - " feature shown at the bottom of the left sidebar - all images, all documents etc. does nothing. 2) I can proceed down a directory path just fine - but the little icons at the foot of the window which show where I am will not push me back up again if I click on them. Do these work for you Dannie?

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  41. 29 Posted by feek on 15 Jan, 2018 10:00 PM

    feek's Avatar

    Hi PF / Cocoatech suport team,

    could you please give us an update:

    • will there be soon an update of PF7
    • what is the current roadmap for PF8 => you have mentioned a release in march/April this year. So there should be a beta for testing (please add me at the beta-test list)

    == Feek

  42. Path Finder Support Team closed this discussion on 18 Jan, 2018 03:26 PM.

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